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Over a time we have been advising different companies subject to monitoring in relation to compliance requirements, commercial transactions and more complicated commercial and compliance disputes.

We have successfully represented clients in complicated and large-scale insurance disputes, disputes between businesses subject to monitoring (e.g. insurer and insurance intermediates) and advised significant transactions and carrying out projects.

Today, the big market makers do not dictate the market trends anymore. All over the world, startups are setting the tone with their innovative solutions which amaze the market dominated by credit institutions and make regulators and legislators adapt with new situations. In this respect, Estonia is one of the most progressive countries in the world, allowing to make complicated and time-consuming legal transactions on-line and fast, yet safely and sooner than the other countries.

E-residency enables the foreign investors to approach Estonian business environment in a simple and fast way which has never been seen before. We help clients to orientate in the flow of new regulations and find solutions to meet their needs.

We have experience in protecting the rights and interests of investors. We help businesses who have contributed to Estonian companies maintain their investments and prevent the breach of their trust. We have extensive opportunities and experience in identifying the breach of trust and protection of investors’ rights.

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Paul Keres

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Pille Pettai

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Artur Sanglepp

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Olga Christensen

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Kristen Alvin

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Interesting reading to those interested in cryptocurrencies


On the 30th of August newspaper MK Estonia published an article, in which our lawyers Jaanus Stern and Mari Anne Valberg give answers to various questions about cryptocurrencies. Hopefully this is an exciting reading for all those who are interested in investing.


Leon Glikman addressed the negative effects of state intervention in his speech at the Tallinn Business Forum

Attorney-at-law Leon Glikman`s speech at the Tallinn Economy Forum received a lot of positive feedback.

Attorney at law Leon Glikman will give a speech on 25th May 2017 at the Tallinn's Economy Forum which is organised by Äripaev's Russian edition Delovõje Vedomosti

Attorney at law Leon Glikman will give a speech on 25th May 2017 at the Tallinn's Economy Forum which is organised by Äripaev's Russian edition Delovõje Vedomosti.

Kredex Krediidikindlustuse AS wins in Circuit Court

Paul Keres
The partners of GLIKMAN ALVIN, Leon Glikman and Paul Keres, represented Kredex Krediidikindlustuse AS successfully also in Tallinn Circuit Court in one of the biggest recent insurance disputes.

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