Transportation and infrastructure

The lawyers of LEVIN consult the businesses of logistics field, including freight forwarders and carriers, also consignees, purchasers and sellers in economic activities in Estonia as well as international trades. The lawyers of our office have represented clients in disputes which have arisen from international trade in recognized international arbitration panels, such as ICC International Court of Arbitration and Swiss Chambers’ Arbitration Institution.

Our lawyers have consulted clients in relation to car, railway and air transport, including in matters of right of security of carrier, freight forwarder and warehouse keeper. The lawyers of LEVIN have also helped their clients conduct maritime claims and successfully applied for the seizing of ships. Our office offers tax advice specific to international trade (incl. matters of VAT and customs duty).

The lawyers of Law Office LEVIN have consulted logistics companies in matters related to public issues of transport infrastructure, incl. disputes related to national orders, railway infrastructure charges and allocation of railway infrastructure capacity. Our lawyers have helped clients in cases the state has disproportionately or illegally intervened in the economic activities of logistics companies.

Contacts related to the field

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