Ilo Keres in March issue of Anne& Stiil magazine

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The article consists of interesting reading about facts which delight Ilo the most in her work as an attorney and her participation in this year’s Ajujaht program.

Photo: Ajujaht, private collection
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Ilo-Hanna Keres performed at the conference Veterinary Medicine 2015

Ilo-Hanna Keres

On Friday, 30.10.2015, our attorney Ilo-Hanna Keres performed at the multi-day conference joining the veterinarians, Veterinary Medicine 2015, held in Tartu.


Arbitration proceeding – the freedom to choose is not a luxury service

Ilo-Hanna Keres
Attorney Ilo-Hanna Keres writes in a publication of Accounting News about the purpose of the international arbitration proceeding, which is to achieve the fair resolving of dispute by independent composition of the panel of the court without excessive delay and costs.

Better protection is sought to animals taking part in therapy

Ilo-Hanna Keres

According to the animal-friendly attorney Ilo-Hanna Keres Estonia lacks a legislation that would govern the involvement of animals in interventions conducted by therapists and teachers.

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