We value confidentiality more than anything, but these clients have exceptionally agreed to publish their feedback.

Paul Keres


Mariko Rukholm

board member

Law Office GLIKMAN ALVIN has been our partner in providing legal services since 2012. Law Office GLIKMAN ALVIN offers us legal advice in difficult legal matters and represents our interests in court. 

Services provided by Law Office GLIKMAN ALVIN have so far been always very professional, efficient and meeting our expectations. Even though the price level of the office in hourly cost is somewhat higher than the market’s average, the final price of the service will be satisfactory, as compared to main competition, as the time expenditure of Law Office GLIKMAN ALVIN seems to be smaller. The price level is also justified by the high quality of the services provided. 

Because of that, we recommend Law Office GLIKMAN ALVIN.

Allan Ilves

board member

We have used the company in various areas since 2014. They were quick both in responding and also giving the solution.

Priit Raudsepp has great industry knowledge and is very business-minded. 

Rasmus Tipp

Head of Creative Development

Level of service is excellent. They are proactive, fast in response time, revealing and explaining angles and approaches which might have been hidden in initial scope of the task. 

The cooperation with Priit Raudsepp has been especially valuable and insightful. His wider background knowledge has helped us to make appropriate business decisions and feel strong about moving into the right direction while still being law abedient.

Teet Saarepera

Board member

We have used the legal services concerning different branches of law from Law Office GLIKMAN ALVIN for a long time. The lawyers of GLIKMAN ALVIN are true professionals who shine in both – legal theory and practice.

GLIKMAN ALVIN has always done everything in its power to make the client feel comfortable and safe. Also, the law office has ensured that the rights of the client would be protected to the maximum extent. The services of Law Office GLIKMAN ALVIN are professional and fast. We would especially like to bring forth the friendliness and high level of cooperation with clients of the lawyers of this law office.

Kaido Fridolin & Tiit Kuuli

Board member              Chairman of the Board

Law Office GLIKMAN ALVIN has provided us services belonging to different legal fields through different companies since 1997.

Law Office GLIKMAN ALVIN is one of the oldest and most authoritative law offices in Estonia and the quality of its legal services has always been high. High professionality, thoroughness, fastness, friendliness and easy accessibility of the lawyers are the main points to characterize the services of GLIKMAN ALVIN.

Denis Belov

Board member

We have been a client of GLIKMAN ALVIN for a long time. The lawyers of GLIKMAN ALVIN are very competent in all legal areas.

I would especially like to single out the very high legal qualification and motivation of attorneys-at-law Leon Glikman, Ain Alvin and Paul Keres to solve the significant problems of clients fast and efficiently.

In clients’ eyes, GLIKMAN ALVIN has become a symbol of reliability through its long-term positive engagement.

Ülo Hage

board member

I have personally and through several companies been the client of Law Office GLIKMAN ALVIN since 1994. GLIKMAN ALVIN is a highly respected, reliable law office with a dignified history. GLIKMAN ALVIN has provided professional legal assistance during its long operational term and I have never had any reason to be disappointed in it. It is a law office which always prioritizes clients’ interests and the lawyers of which are able to achieve efficient, practical solutions.

Despite the conservatism of the law office and high quality standards the office has set for itself, the service of the lawyers is immediate and friendly. I have used the services of attorney-at-law Leon Glikman since 1984, when he just started his career. He is one of the most erudite persons, having in-debt grasp of legal knowledge and having earned his high regard honestly.

Jaanus Otsa

Board member

I have personally and through several companies been a satisfied client of Law Office GLIKMAN ALVIN as of 1995. I value the upstanding history, reliability, multi-functionality and competence of this law office, also the ability to resolve difficult legal issues urgently. I would like to highlight the extraordinary legal erudition and efficiency of attorney-at-law Leon Glikman. He is also excellent in finding simple and substandard solutions to complicated legal matters.

Andres Trink

board member

The lawyers of GLIKMAN ALVIN have provided legal assistance to the companies of our concern in different areas since 2002. We would especially like to feature our cooperation with attorney-at-law Leon Glikman, his professionality, thoroughness and availability.



Law Office GLIKMAN ALVIN has provided us and the companies related to us with different kind of legal assistance since 1996. It is one of the most reliable and dignified law offices. The lawyers of GLIKMAN ALVIN are extraordinarily professional, yet friendly and easily accessible. The level of lawyers of GLIKMAN ALVIN does not stop at the legal theory they are also capable to implement their knowledge quickly and in the interest of the client in practice, as well. Within decades, we have not faced a legal matter that would have been too difficult for the lawyers of GLIKMAN ALVIN.

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